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kmd 2016-12-28 3:26am

DH Skylla?
Anybody tried this new DH colour, Skylla. Got any hot tips?

carolinesbeads 2016-12-28 7:29pm

I have been treating it like Terranova and getting it super hot cooling till the glow is gone (check under the table) wait about 5 more seconds at this point it should be transparent greenish, then heat in the outside of the flame it will turn brownish amber keep cooling and reheating and you should see blues and purples. I dont try to get all of the green parts gone some kilnstriking will happen

kmd 2016-12-28 10:19pm

Thanks Caroline. I'll give that a try.

Eileen 2016-12-30 7:50pm

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I did a test bead today, and just got it out of the kiln. I think I'm in love!

I think the photo is a bit light, at least on my monitor.

Winter Fire 2016-12-30 9:48pm

That's lovely, Eileen.

MagpieGlass 2016-12-31 7:12am

Oh my Eileen that is gorgeous.

Eileen 2016-12-31 7:38am

Thanks! Of course when it isn't huge, you don't notice the variation as much, but it is still a lovely glass!

beadmama 2016-12-31 9:34am

Eileen your bead is amazing , the colors look slot like brad's striking glass.

Eileen 2016-12-31 4:49pm

Kudos to Double Helix on this glass! I was going to try again today, but ended up with family visiting and didn't get to the torch. I hope to try again tomorrow.

Ravenesque 2017-01-16 12:14am

Eileen that's beautiful!

Any more pics? Anyone?
What's the difference, if any, between this and the terras?

I didn't buy any because it said it was a copper red, which sounds like tnt, which I don't get along with...hmmmm

Rudy 2017-01-16 7:54am

Lovely colors!

Eileen 2017-01-16 8:26am

I still have to play with it for a while before I get it to strike. I need to pin down what sets the strike off, because I haven't quite got that, but then once it goes it is like I did some magic.

kansassky 2017-01-16 9:12am

My observations:

Skylla is a slow striker. I grew 3 new gray hairs while striking.

It's behaves best over a white base.

It is NOT magic. Don't expect magic.

Eileen 2017-01-16 7:50pm

Well that is three of us that said it takes a while. It only felt like magic because I had about given up on it, but then it did it! ;)

Ravenesque 2017-01-17 1:20am

I ordered some, I make big beads so I like slow strikers, might be what I need!

EileenGlass 2017-01-21 4:49pm

That bead is gorgeous Eileen. I need to add this to my list of glass for next time. Hopefully I don't get too frustrated with it.

Eileen 2017-01-21 9:19pm

I tried rolling one in silver foil, and got a totally unexpected result. I had a hard time burning it (in\off).
It ended up a pale green, with pale speckles, so I added some random daubs on top of the silver, and that did fine.
I do like the effect, but if anyone else does it and gets more color I would love to know what you did.

Ravenesque 2017-01-22 11:46pm

I played the other night, I will have to take pics. It works and looks JUST like the old tnt2. Same peridot green hue with aqua streaks when working it.
So, I made one of each. I'm going away for a bit so give me some time for pics.
The old tnt is a vibrant dark blue, the skylla is more muted but speckled, it's cool. I just super heated it, put it in the kiln when it was struck a few times. It actually looked a bit like copper green with speckles of all things going in.

Their site says it's a relative of tnt, i say kissing cousins.
Also it says the example bead was encased, i'm guessing one wasn't though? Or were both? The stripey one doesn't look like it to me, but maybe.

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