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Mina 2018-04-08 8:47pm

what is this?
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I bought a studio. There was a pound of this in the bunch, but it only had one partial label. Any idea what it might be?

KA 2018-04-09 5:35am

You might try looking on Nothstar (NS) archive page with something ending in 7. I think the name must be misspelled. Too many consenents in a row. Maybe “transparent”. If all else fails, try emailing Nortstar Glass.

Three Muses Glass 2018-04-09 1:14pm

Maybe Ruby. Try sticking the end in the flame and see if it strikes and/or put a piece in the kiln to strike.

e. mort 2018-04-18 6:27pm

maybe NS-07 which is yellow, Hit it with a flame and see what happens

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