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kmd 2018-09-27 1:15am

Beads with a bell
Iíve been asked for beads with a bell for Beads of Courage.
Any ideas? Either a bell shaped bead, or a lentil, tile or pillow bead or similar with a bell shape on top. Help, please.

Kare TX 2018-09-27 6:56am

What about using a bead cap mandrel to make a bell? I know arrow springs carries them, not sure who else.

Chocake 2018-09-27 8:31am

Maybe a bell flower press?

Eileen 2018-09-27 8:59am

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If you don't need it to actually be a bell, maybe make a round bead, squish it so you have a "lollipop" and shape that into the basic bell. Figuring on a horizontal hole, add some glass to widen and give a rim look to the "bottom" and then add a "clapper" with a dot of the right size on the bottom center.

I think I am going to add these to my BOC list, maybe put a little holly on them for the holidays!

kmd 2018-09-28 1:33am

Thank you all. Iíll be back home in a week to try out these ideas.
Does anybody have any information about bead rollers or presses with a bead shape? We might need quite a few of these.

KJohn 2018-09-28 4:08pm

I would try making or flattening stubby cones, that would get you close to a bell shape.
Using one of the olive rollers that are partial shapers, what is the name? Arrowsprings carry those.

Bavarian beads has a bell shaped press, I believe Perlenpresse has one also.

Also shaped mandrels would be good. Freehanding might be better if you need a few. Full and hollow, or pressed. I would do it llike Eileen suggested.

Kare TX 2018-09-28 8:14pm


Bead cap mandrel

rainygrrl 2018-10-01 11:47am

Great idea, Eileen! I might give that a go too.

rainygrrl 2018-10-01 11:48am

Manipulated a little differently it could be a ghost!

rainygrrl 2018-10-01 11:59am

I think there is also a beadroller (cgbeads) with holiday shapes that includes a bell.

Eileen 2018-10-01 1:08pm


Originally Posted by rainygrrl (Post 5009477)
Manipulated a little differently it could be a ghost!

Very similar to how I make my ghosts! :)

rainygrrl 2018-10-03 9:51am

Great minds, ha ha.

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