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Boathouse Beads 2019-12-28 6:30am

Press placement on bench
Hi, Just wondering where you all place your presses on your bench for easy reach and use? In front, or on the side?
Thank you and Happy New Year!

EmeryLawson 2019-12-28 7:35am

Usually to the side on my large, slab graphite marver. Would take a picture, it I am away from my studio right now. It is in my left side when I work.

FosterFire 2019-12-28 9:51am

I only put the 1-2 I am using on the actual work bench. The rest are off to the side.

Boathouse Beads 2019-12-29 6:00pm

I should be more clear: where do you place your press as you are using it?
Thank you!

Speedslug 2019-12-30 1:06am

It is going to be one of those things you will have to experiment with until you find what works for you.

Let handed, right handed, room between the you and the torch base, how high is your torch and will that interfere with one hand crossing over the torch if needed ( without sizzling the skin ), which hand holds the glass for you and which holds the press handle?

Do you sit, stand, both, swivel chair?

Try what seems like the best fit and then try something else.

Production work is going to be a whole different kettle of fish from one off creations.

Good luck and don't carve anything about what you are doing in stone.
A bruised elbow will cause you to rewrite you current arrangement as will a stubbed toe.

I do suggest you start with as empty a torch bench as you can create to begin with and let your body tell you where you want things.

Boathouse Beads 2019-12-30 11:04am

'Clean' work bench did you say??? OK, I can do that.
I sit down at the torch.
I am either right handed or left handed as needed, very ambidextrous.
I guess the important thing is being able to see the press clearly to center the glass.

Eileen 2019-12-30 1:16pm

I don't have any presses, but this got me to looking for videos with people using them, and it seemed to me that the one I watched, the press was just to the side of the torch, so the mandrel hand could reach it with the mandrel going under the flame but the press hand wasn't too close to the flame. I figure everyone does it their own way though.
I would definitely need to clean off my bench.

Boathouse Beads 2019-12-30 6:34pm

That sounds logical, thank you!

Speedslug 2019-12-30 11:58pm

Aye, lighting is a lot more important than most people realize.

I have a 6 foot by 3 foot fancy cooing hood (1960's fancy anyway ) that I picked up free on Craigs List and I mounted inside it 2 construction type work lights as well as an 18 inch long fluorescent stick light.

The round work lights have a yellow tinge and the stick light is more of a blue so the 3 of them give me a pretty balanced color.

The nice thing about the stick light is it gives me a straight line of reflected light on my beads so I can see the lumps, bumps and out of round shaping while the glass is still hot enough to do something about it.

echeveria 2019-12-31 10:05am

Mine is to the left of my torch, positioned so I can put the bead in the press without the mandrel bumping into stuff. Some days that is a challenge. It is on the left because I hold my mandrel in my left hand while in the flame, so it is one movement out of the flame and down to the press. Right hand does the pressing.

Boathouse Beads 2019-12-31 5:51pm

Hi, yes the left side sounds logical, thanks!!

KJohn 2020-01-01 9:13pm

I'm right handed but I find the right side of the torch is easier for me. It seems easier for my right hand to reach the press, if it's already on the right, than to reach across the back of the torch with my arm. I would have to shift in my chair.
I don't go under the flame though. I pull the whole thing out and then press.

5betsy 2020-01-07 9:37pm

I've also read about a lampworker here somewhere who puts her press base on something that brings it to about eye level.

When I use my tools to make cubes I certainly bring it to eye level as well.

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