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Nt3grals 2021-10-06 1:12pm

is my ventilation good enough looking?
Hello everybody,
I just recently began the transformation of my garage into my personal studio. So far i have only gotten the hood & fan installed and am currently building the work bench and storage. I will be using a Bethlehem Bravo Sharp, & a Paragon Bluebird XL Kiln. Here are some pics of my hood and fan. It is a approximately 1200 CFM in line vortex fan. Lmk what you think or if you have any suggestions.

Nt3grals 2021-10-06 1:13pm

I dont know why it turned the images on their sides

ESC 2021-10-06 1:58pm

I have the same issue with some photos turning on their sides. No worries.

That looks like a great vent set-up. The only thing I would be concerned about is the idea that the intake at the torch should be a lot closer to the torch face. I've read 2' and I've read no more than 2 1/2'. The best primer on ventilation I've seen yet is by Mike Aurelius. It covers just about everything you need to know about installing a vent system for torch work.

Nt3grals 2021-10-06 2:24pm

If i was to lower it to within 2.5 ft of my torch, then itd almost be in my view and id constantly hit my head on it. The force from the fan actually pulls my flame towards it when i have tried it out and that was in a spot lower than my actual bench will be.

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