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untamedrose 2012-10-16 11:48am

likely a dumb Q....
So trying to figure out my costs making some stuff.

but im confused on one point.... How many pounds are in a case of clear glass?
like this "Simax Rod 10mm Clear Case 64pcs"
Several venders just list it like that. How many pieces are in the case goes down with hoping there is some standard weight that makes a case.

Anyone know?

Or the short cut to what im really wanting to much one oz of clear costs?

houptdavid 2012-10-16 12:28pm

Frantz has the weight per case/number of rods listed on their site

Dragonharper 2012-10-16 12:46pm

So does Mountain Glass Arts. I find that my materials and consumables make up a small fraction of my costs. My time is the biggest cost factor. Just like in IT consulting I figure for every hour I actually torch/work I've got at least 3 more hours of work to do. Bookkeeping, finding the next gig, etc.

untamedrose 2012-10-16 1:04pm

bloody hell..i missed it. ok thank you.

Juln 2012-10-16 9:23pm

It varies with every size of rod or tube, for some reason. Usually the price per lb. is $3-10 for Simax.

It's simple to see at a glance on FD's site:

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