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SeanSammon 2019-12-20 9:26pm

Kiln Question
Is there a part of this forum that talks about kiln settings??


Eileen 2019-12-20 10:13pm

Hi Sean,
I know there have been discussions. This is a broad search results (I just used the two words,

kiln setting

but maybe you could get less unhelpful results if you added a word or two.
I wasn't sure what type of question you had. Do you need programs, or just a question on a certain part of the schedule, etc.?
You could just ask it here also, and hopefully someone will have a helpful answer for you. If it is boro, you might find the information in the boro folder, but this folder is good for general information.

Remember if you use a word with less than 4 letters, to add an * for each letter needed to make 4 letters.

This is what I got with my broad search:

Speedslug 2019-12-20 11:38pm

I will add that if you want to cut down on the number of results you can combine -kiln- with -program- into "kiln program".

It probably isn't much of an issue with those particular words but other search entries can get really really long because the results will include Every, Single, Word, In, The, Search, Phrase, with combinations of the words winding up at the last pages of results.

Also the search can take a really long time to complete if it is searching for the smaller words like "for", "it", "how" and the like.

I always use quotes and try hard to craft the search phrase to the most direct idea leaving out plurals, -ing- endings, and various suffixes.

The software that this site runs on was put together in 2004 and I don't think it has had many serious up grades since 2006 or 2008 so think of it kind of like doing a search over a phone modem and not over a 4G network.

Also it is run by one person with no cost to us.
There is a smattering of income from the banner advertising but I don't think that comes up to much.
So I will ask you to donate what you can when you can and if you can.

Good luck.

Eileen 2019-12-21 7:22am

Also, sometimes I search with Google and it brings up results from here.

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