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machy11 2017-08-04 12:37pm

If you knew then what you know now...
What would you do differently in your setup? Or (possibly more importantly) what part would you keep?

Eileen 2017-08-04 1:50pm

I would have gone for the bigger shed, like my DH suggested, but it looked so big empty I thought it was plenty big!

5betsy 2017-08-04 3:20pm

I finally have a tiny couch in mine.

Why did that take so long?

KJohn 2017-08-04 10:17pm

More shelving, less tools, more glass.

dragonart glass 2017-08-06 7:16am

A window that I can leave open overnight. I'm on my third studio. The fist being a covered porch where I put up curtains. I have the best studio ever (even if it's only 11x11) with windows and two doors, but only the doors open and I can't leave them open all night or mice will move in. Sometimes it's pretty stuffy in the morning. If I had more room I would love to have a work table in the center instead of around all the edges.

AVTrout 2017-08-07 8:58am

I would've insulated the "pool house" long ago, so that my studio is weather proof. I'm waiting on a contractor now. It's a long wait.

Mary K 2017-08-07 11:33pm

Bigger air conditioner

Jackson River Glass 2017-08-17 8:57pm

Probably would have walled it in, insulated it, and would have done my makeup air differently.

ETA I wish wish wish I could have room for two people to work. Gets lonely out there, would love to torch with a friend!

carolinesbeads 2017-08-19 11:45pm

Tee hee, I would have made the small room my daughters bedroom and the bigger room my studio

HannahRachel 2017-09-14 3:57pm

I wouldn't have wasted my money on the Lynx and would have gone directly for my Hellcat. I had a hate-hate relationship with that torch.

Pop Alexandra 2017-10-26 5:12am

I would probably get something bigger and would invest more time in maintenance, but that's about to get solved soon.

accbyruth 2017-11-12 4:39pm

I would have been more picky about what glass I was buying. I bought several auctions on eBay of someone selling someone else's studio. None of the rods were labeled and it all was so dirty. Less tools. I have a number of graphite tools that just collect dust.

5betsy 2017-11-14 5:59pm

Radiant heater immediately!

Abacus Beads 2017-12-17 3:05pm

I would use something other than tile on the floor and the counter where my torch is. The wheels on my chair catch on the floor time and small glass shards collect in the cracks in the tile on the counter.
Liz R.

Chocake 2017-12-19 3:03pm

Heated floors!! I can usually get the shop warm enough to work comfortably until it gets to about 25-30 degrees out, but by than the concrete floors just suck up all the cold and hold it. Once my feet are cold, I'm done... and it doesn't take long to get cold feet when they're parked on an ice cube.

LarryC 2017-12-19 6:04pm


Originally Posted by HannahRachel (Post 4954105)
I wouldn't have wasted my money on the Lynx and would have gone directly for my Hellcat. I had a hate-hate relationship with that torch.

Haha! GTT Triple mix is the best most versatile torch line in the market for sure. The Hellcat is underpowered in my experience. I teach on them at a local non profit.

5betsy 2017-12-19 6:14pm

Chocake!!! Get a heated floor mat, they run about $80 on Amazon.

flameonglass 2017-12-21 1:04pm

I wouldn't change anything. I am so lucky to have a great travel trailer studio.

donia 2017-12-21 4:42pm

Loved the experience of learning and creating lampwork but should’ve stuck to just buying from more talented artists like yourselves. \\:D/

kamyas_delight 2018-07-30 6:51pm

I would not have waited years to start learning!

I knew I wanted to do lampworking almost ten years before finally taking the plunge when I enrolled back into college. I'm currently studying glasswork in general from lampwork to blowing with a lot of fusing aloso and I've never been happier! I just set up my first lampwork studio in my mother's garage since I can't have it in my tiny apartment and I'm now constantly visiting my mom!

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