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Catlady 99er 2017-12-21 3:40pm

What 104 glasses color-shift in different lighting?
I have a customer who is VERY interested in one of my bead sets made with CIM Pink Champagne. She really, REALLY likes how the glass changes colors depending on what kind of light it's in, whether fluorescent or incandescent. Does anyone know of another color combination\color shift in 104 glass?

I also have Effetre Lavender Dark transparent, but it's not nearly as strong in color, or in the change it makes.

Can't seem to find any answers myself...maybe I'm not using the right search terms, or maybe people are not very interested in light effects?


KJohn 2017-12-21 4:23pm

There might be something on the glass blogs....Mind melt has a section, Coloraddiction (Kandice Seeber) has reviews but not sure it is organized for searches, and what's-her-name.....awesome blog but you have to look by color name...Dragonjools. she has a comparison of lavendar color shifts on the home page, down a ways :)

Chocake 2017-12-21 5:01pm

CiM Count von Count goes from blueish to lavender. Seems to me that I recall seeing somewhere the effetre equivalent does the same but maybe to a lesser degree...??
And there's a CiM peachy transparent that shifts, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of it.

kokopelliegirl 2017-12-21 6:15pm

Check out this thread, too, where listenup looked at a lot of purples for their color shiftiness:

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Catlady 99er 2017-12-23 1:47pm

Awesome! Thanks for the help, guys! :love:

5betsy 2017-12-24 11:05am

I find using Google to search LE better than LE. Sorry :rolleyes:

Just start your search with lampworketc and then what you're looking for .

Works everytime.

rnmcginnis 2017-12-26 4:56pm

Alexandrite (Effetre/Morreti 226)

pjBeads 2017-12-26 6:57pm

Lavender Pale 591080 blue to light pink lavender

elasia 2018-01-02 1:54am

When I tested for messy (CIM) Kathy had me take photos of a lot of colors that shifted. I bet a lot aren't produced anymore, but there are Italian ones.

Of the top of my head:
Lipstick, count von count, larkspur, Crocus (see a pattern with the lavenders?), I think most lavenders do. I would google like others said, I don't know anything about the limited colors, just the old school ones.

If you are interested in any, I may have a little bit of all, I don't like shifting glass so may be a win win for us :lol:

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