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It can depend on the type of murrini you are applying, for example, barincle murrini/ribbed cane generally looks better when smeared/deformed a bit (to bring the lines to the center) while fish/butterflies will just get messed up.
The three tutorials posted are intended for the first type of application where you want to stretch the murrini inwards.

Assuming you are trying to apply something you do not want to smear start by preheating it a touch and getting the bead warm enough for you to stick the murrini in where you want it. Don't let the murrini melt out of shape, it should still be in approximately its initial shape.

After this you just need to work it in slowly. I find that the best way is to give it quick bursts of heat from the flame and then lightly press the top of the murrini with a graphite paddle/brass tool of some form.

This has two uses, firstly it will cool the top of the murrini and prevent it from smearing or getting too hot, secondly it lets you push it in slightly and speeds up the process.

Depending on your base color you should be able to tell how you are doing and what causes it to smear. Just continue to heat, press, heat, press, heat, press lightly with some form of cold flat surface.
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