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Originally Posted by papimom View Post
When I am doing the final heating and pressing that Ryan is describing, I turn up my O2 to focus and cool the flame. I touch the glass that surrounds the murrini but not the murrini. A few circles of heat around that murrini and it sucks in.

These tips seem to help. I think I have been focusing too much heat on the murrini itself. Heating the glass surrounding the murrini never occurred to me. I took some of my precious stash of murrini tonight and just started trying different ways of applying them on small practice bead. I am getting the best look out of leaving them slightly raised. Placing clear on top doesn't seem to work to well for me for some reason. I am getting crisper murrini by leaving the clear off. However, I am still having some smearing when I melt them completely flat. Also, some of the murrini I bought don't seem to have enough contrasts to the colors and some of them all to bleed into the same color of brown when I apply them. I hate to waste my little murrini I bought by repeatedly applying them in this manner but if I learn how to do this technique I will just buy some more. I think I would rather do this than spend alot of time making a base bead and decorating it and ruin it when I apply the murrini. If I want to poke the center to bring the lines all together, at what point should I do melted in should the murrini be when I do this step? Thanks so much to all who have responded.


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