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Seriously, contact Trey. There may already be something either available or about to be available that will do what you want. I haven't heard anyone being satisfied with a Hurricane on the Phantom, or really any oxycon, but Trey hinted that this new thing should power torches in that class beautifully.

Also, and not sure if it was Wonka or someone else, but another LE'er tried building a holding tank for his big torch and didn't seem to be all that happy with it. A lot of hooey to make it, the tank apparently didn't last much longer thank a K-cylinder, and I think it took 12 hours to fill it back up each time (do you remember that post, Dale?). I've got a Phantom, too, and after reading that thread, I've been very interested in what Trey mentioned, myself.

In the meantime, why not just blackpipe your 02 into your basement and leave the K-cylinder outside at ground level, like your propane (you DO have your propane tank outside, right??)? I did that for my basement studio. Way easier than dragging K-tanks downstairs, and will let you enjoy your Phantom while you do more research.

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