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Steve, I have a few questions.

What type of fan are you using? (Manufacturer, model, and CFM).

What size ducting are you using, and is it solid...or flexible?

Are you also using a range hood...with side and rear baffles?

And lastly, what is the distance from the tip of the torch, to the front edge of the SIDE BAFFLES? (Cuz this is the actual "sucking area" that needs to be measured to determine the CFM and suction velocity needed).

To me, my set-up is totally overkill - at least on paperwork. I am using 8" inch ducting. I also removed the smallish fan that came installed on the range hood (a tiny 160 CFM) so that it would not interfere with the suction. On top of that, the smallish fan had a circumference of 6" inches (which the hole in the range hood also matched) I am going to use a die grinder and open the hole on the range hood to it's maximum size. (But this is still up for debate, as a larger opening will DECREASE the air speed...and of course, the smaller opening will INCREASE the air speed). But I'm thinking that instead of enlarging the main hole, maybe drilling a couple of 1" inch or 1 1/2" inch holes on the sides of the intake (where the duct is connected to the hood) will be more beneficial. This way the air is not only getting sucked vertically, but horizontally as well.

Did that make sense? I'll post pictures of my final decision.

I have not finished the project, so I have not run the "smoke test" yet. But it doesn't look like I'll need to go any lower with the hood. (But if I'm wrong, the height adjustment will need to be made).

Twenty-four inches seems pretty low. I'd like to know the distance between the tip of your torch, and the front edge of your hood. Do you smack your head on the edge of the hood? Ha ha ha.

And if I'm not asking too much, could you post a picture of your set-up?


In Christ: Raymond

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