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Thanks, Ginger.

I actually have a fire extinguisher at the ready. As a matter of fact, it also came in white - so It'll match everything else. (B,C rated).

As for lowering the hood, I'm still considering it.

I currently have the hood at exactly 30" inches high. And it seems fine. But if you look at the table, it doesn't look like a nice work table. It is too high, and looks like it belongs in a garage. So I will be reducing the height by 3" inches. This will give it more of a work DESK appearance. (Which is the look we wanted). Having it lower accomplishes a few things:

1) It gives us more seating options. Why? Cuz at it's current height, we can only use stools, or drafting chairs. But if it was lower (desk height) we could use a nice comfortable swivel highback chair with arm rests. (My Baybee also needs to "look good" when she beads). Ha ha ha.

2) By having the desk lower, the hood will also be lower...hence we will have more of the wall exposed. This is critical to the decor of the room. We would like the option of having space to hang "trinkets" on the wall for decoration.

3) As I positioned myself at a lower table and seat height, I noticed that I COULD drop the hood height a few inches. But that also concearns me, as the heat might be a tad too much for the plastic light cover. (When we first started with a Hot Head torch, we were working on top of our kitchen stove. And even at 30" inches, it would get the plastic light cover, and the metal screen, a bit hotter than we thought it would get). Hmmm...but then again, we didn't have the massive sucking - and cooling - power of a 636 CFM fan. I've been meditating on this for a few hours now. Hmmmmm..

As for the's also been thought out. We will be placing a plastic runner the length of the table. This will give her the opportunity to move around the table with her chair, and still be within the covered area.

And one last tidbit: We are debating whether she should get a nice chair...or if I should build a custom bench for her. If we build the bench, it will be approximately 3' feet long. This accomplishes a few things:

1) It will match the table- perfectly!

2) It will give her the opportunity to make matching custom cushions for it. (Girls love to make things like that for their houses) And it will also give her the added pleasure of knowing that SHE made the cushions, which contributed to the "whole".

3) We can both sit on it at the same time while doing two different things. (She can be at the torch while I am working on wire jewlery on the other section of the table).

I hope I'm not sounding too cocky and "know-it-all-ish"...but I have already thought everything out ahead of time. (Remember the old addage, "Measure thrice, cut once").

Thanks again guys-n-gals. Your input is appreciated!!

In Christ: Raymond

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