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I have a few questions and can't seem to find the answers to them. If they have been answered before I apologize. I don't want to send beads out that are going to be unsuitable for donation.

I understand about beads that are made with metals or have a metallic surface are not given to the children because of potential skin reactions. I'm curious about beads made using metals such as foil, brass, wire, silver glasses or silvered stringers. If the bead is encased are they ok to send?

I have a boat load of off mandrel hearts that I have been practicing on using silvered ivory stringer as a surface decoration. These hearts are not encased. There is no exposed metal on them just the melted in SIS. Are they ok to send?

My last question is about the letter/tax receipt you send out after receiving a donation. It doesn't show a dollar amount for the beads that were donated. How do I know how much I should designate at tax time as a donated amount? Is there a standard amount for each donated bead?

I'm more of a hobby bead maker and don't sell my beads so I'm not sure what is appropriate to claim as a donation amount. I'll appreciate your help. CarrieB

I found answers to my bead questions on the BOC web site.

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