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Lol this is a repost I wanted to share the photos here with you guys too and am too lazy today to rewrite another post lol

Hi everyone sorry this has taken me so long.

On to the trip bling bling lol too much coffee today my only excuse

Here is a crab made by Vittorio Costantini

Pony made by Lucio Bubacco

Ring I made in in the Diego Bottacin work shop

A centar Lucio made

A centar I made lol

A progression of my work in the Lucio workshop

A shot from window of the apartment on Murano

Looking back to the apartment (little white building)

Twisted cane I pulled with Beth’s help during the Demos at the Albat Zanetti glass school we did two days of demos I am on the left Beth is on the right

We left all the beads and canes we made at the school they are going to be put on display. How cool is that!!!

Last but not least a bead I purchased made by Lucio and Diego, and was cold worked by Luigi Camozzo

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