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My honeydew gave me grief as well. It is one of the colors that pops into shards when introduced to the flame. I grabbed a rod of transparent glass, heated it up in the flame and then picked up the honeydew shards in the molten blob. I had no problem with devitrification, and was extremely impressed enough with the results, that I placed another 1/4 lb on my next order. My camera is not available at the moment, but when it is, I'll take some close up photos. If you go back to post #2752 in this thread, look at the 5th bead from the top, in the second row of beads in the Devardi glass group. That is my honeydew sample bead.

I would describe the bead color as a warm, pale mint green. Pretty much like honeydew! I think the clear that I used, gave it the frosty appearance. So with that said, honeydew is one of my favorites!
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