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Wow, I thought it was just me! I had the EXACT same experience. Natasha was so wonderful with the first one, and I had a replacement almost immediately, but I have not contacted her about the second one because I thought it must be something I am doing.
Also, I was worried about being a hard to deal with customer. Let me know if it is ok to use, I haven't turned it on since then.
Thanks for posting this.

Originally Posted by GlassGalore View Post
I have a question for you. Have any of you had the ceramic lining of your rod warmer CRACK?

Back story... I bought one of the 'original' rod warmers last year that Natasha and Daniel sell. (Not the newer one with the temperature controller.) The first time I plugged it in and it began heating up, I heard a 'TINK' sound. Looked at the unit and there was a chip of yellow ceramic laying in front of it and a crack in the ceramic lining of the warmer.

I shut it off, contacted Natasha and she sent me a new unit.

Fast forward to yesterday... Well, the second unit has been here all this time, but I've not used it because the first one 'scared me'. So yesterday I decided to use it to pull down some fat Devardi rods. Everything goes fine (once the smell cleared out!).

Today I do the same thing. I turn it on and load in some rods. About an hour later, I reach over to take out the last set of preheated rods, and what do I see but a CRACK in the thermal lining! Since I was done with it for the day, I turned it off.

Is it just piss poor luck that this has happened to me twice now? Has anyone else experienced this?

Once the unit had cooled down, the crack 'closed up', but it will expand again with heating. I'm not sure if it's safe to use now. (Natasha advised not to use the first cracked one, so this would be the same situation.)

I think I'd be a nut to get a 3rd one. But it really was helpful to reduce the thermal shocking.

Opinions? Experiences?