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Originally Posted by periwinkle View Post

At least there is a solution for it. Thanks so much for the encasing suggestion, Shrimp!

I love this color, but not what it's doing. I'll keep you updated on encasing. Did you encase the honeydew in the bead for your project, Shrimp? (I didn't realize all the posts were numbered - that's excellent and a fantastic way to find specific parts of a thread!)
I didn't actually encase the bead in the project beads. I just used the molten rod of clear to pick up the frit chunks and wind them on the mandrel. I get soft striations of the clear and the honeydew together. It kind of reminds me of Effetre Mimosa or Bullseye Streaky Clear/Sunshine Yellow, but only in this lovely honeydew shade. I know that I did not intentionally encase the bead. Perhaps the honeydew got encased in the process of picking up the chunks.

Just try my method with the frit and see if that doesn't help. This color has so much potential. It's a shame to see it get canned by those who have bought it. I'll buy the honeydew from anyone who doesn't like it.
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