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Just finished up the ventilation setup and boy was it a PAIN. I ended up removing a portion of the fan to attach it to the hood, which wasn't that difficult. Ended up cutting the hole in the hood and attaching the 'collar' with screws, which the fan then sat right into. The duct work was the biggest pain. I had to do some custom modifying to one of the 90 ducts because it was attaching to a 15", and the 90 duct was 16". I ended up putting a really thick ring of foam around the fan to make it sorta fit, then just screwed the 90 duct into it. It's air tight because of a nice amount of foil tape which I've attached to damn near everything I can find that has an air leak.

The biggest issue I had with building the run of duct was keeping it together. I had to attach one thing, then make sure it was correctly in place, then place a few screws in to keep it there before going on to the next part. I had a huge issue at the beginning with keeping everything together to measure and make sure I had it attached correctly so it wasn't wildly off to where I wanted it officially.

HERE is a picture of how it's setup. I've done A LOT of testing to make sure it's working correctly, and I believe it's functioning correctly. Using a pretty strong vape, it does a good job of grabbing all the fumes are kicking it outside. One issue I'm having at the moment is there are small parts around the hood where I can feel the air moving, which could cause a turbulence issue, but I'm not majorly worried about it. It's functioning really well for what it is, and my total cost so far is roughly around $500.

Now on to looking at setting up Oxygen and Propane. I'm looking into oxygen concentrators since my living situation gives me zero outdoor storage and I believe it would just be a really good investment. K tanks and T tanks wouldn't be very friendly either, because I simply wouldn't be able to haul them with my tiny convertible sports car. Good news though, I have a reliable source for oxygen cons, it's just the cost that is damn scary...

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