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Originally Posted by Speedslug View Post
I would suggest replacing the corrugated sections with as much smooth wall ducting as you can.
I've been brainstorming what to do to keep as much of the flex vent out of my setup. I just ordered another 90 12" elbow to add into the bottom of the 5' run of straight rigid duct and I'll look into adding a 1'-2' of rigid duct that I can add and remove when I work in the shop. This had crossed my mind a decent amount because I want this done correctly.

Originally Posted by Speedslug View Post
Oh and make sure the out put end is at least ten feet from where your 'make up air' comes in.
Otherwise you can wind up sucking your fumes right back in to the studio in a loop.
This is also something I battled with simply because I have a garage door to do my venting, and that's it. No windows or anything. My plan for the near future is to make a board that goes along the bottom of the garage door where one side has the duct exhausting from, then I'll have the top of the garage door as my 'make-up' air. My area is always really windy in the opposite directly. I've thought about this a lot because I don't want all my vent work to be done and have it be non-functional because of an oversight.

Originally Posted by Speedslug View Post
You can also increase the efficiency by putting 3 walls around it or even partial walls.
I actually read about this at the beginning and implemented that in the setup last night after doing my incense test. It seems to work better from the incense test, but I guess it really depends on the air flow in the work area.
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