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Today I found a Millennium M10 Oxygen Concentrators (Goes up to 10 LPM) on Craigslist for $375 with 9 hours. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it. I know the Millennium M10 is one of the juggernauts of the Oxy Con world, and with it having 9 hours, I was on top of it! E-mailed the lady and had it in my car within the hour, it had been posted 20 hours before.

I turned the machine on at the pick up location and it ran for a good 8 minutes while we talked. LPM rises and is very strong through-out. She said her boyfriend bought it as a back up, but they need the money right now and he already have one that's 5 LPM, and the 10 LPM is too powerful. Nice easy cash from me. She asked me if I was using it for a medical reason, we talked glass for a second and I head on my way out.

HERE are some pictures of the Oxy Con. I know this was repaired for some reason, assuming once the hospital was done with it, they cut the power cord and tore the serial label off. The guy she bought it from gets them and repairs them, so it's obvious this was more than likely the reason for it having a really short power cable and no serial number sticker.

I get my torch, hoses, regulators and flashback arrestors later this week so we will test the Oxy Con officially once all this is delivered. I'm super excited, because now this gives me more money for a better quality kiln or a bunch more starter glass to learn on. I have a small box of scrap borosilicate which I'll be practicing on.

Tomorrow is my birthday!
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