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Well happy Birthday To You then!

Sounds like you scored.

Being from the Detroit area myself I have always been leary of anything that has had the serial number removed.
That has always been a sign of stolen property to me.

I picked up 4 oxycons that were sold at auction as scrap from the medical center in Ann Arbor Michigan because they were determined to be models that were too old and no longer worth repairing. The tubing inside gets brittle with age and the units need to be overhauled every 2 or 3 years to remain certifiable as life sustaining medical equipment.

I paid $50 each and it cost me more to get them shipped than that.

I bought them from the scrap dealer back in 2007 or so.

But they all still had serial numbers on them.

Also, 9 hours is brand new so that raises red flags for me as well.

But you do what you think is best on all these counts.

Sounds like you got a great deal and I am honestly happy for you.

Oh, and about torching in the winter; beside the infrared lamps to keep your face and hands warm you are going to want a heater under the bench to keep your feet and legs from freezing.

I suggest the quartz rod type heaters rather than the blower type.
You will find radiant heat is more cost effective than blowing warmed air that is going to get sucked right up the ventilation system and be gone in a heart beat.

You could rig up a "make-up air supply" to bring the cold outside air right to the back or bottom of your torch area.
( I have my torch bench right up against a window that I can crack open and it draws outside air right in at the torch area so that it feeds 90% of the "make up air" going up the vent system and only the 10% of it coming around me is heated / conditioned air from my house.

That way you can reduce the waste of any heated air going up the ventilation.

I designed such a set up from brainstorming the duct work parts at the hardware store for a friend who also is torching in her garage.
It minimizes the loss of room air while still allowing as much air the vent system wants.
And it doesn't need to leave any evidence if its existence in a rented garage.

Let me know if you want the details.
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