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It looks like you are working hard at making a good space. I hope you have many happy and productive hours there. Some people never do sit, they just feel better standing, no right or wrong. Some stand and sit depending on how they feel best for each task. It is looking like a studio to me

Some safety thoughts though:

Does the exhaust tubing extend when the torch is running? Can you extend it far enough to get it away from the garage door so the fumes are at least 10 feet from the door? If it is right by the door, it will be coming back in as replacement air. I can't tell, so figured I would ask to be sure.

Maybe think about getting a longer propane hose when you can so you can put it all the way outside for safety. Would it be possible to angle the hoses to the left instead of right under the table, to give you a bit more length?

Also, for safety, I would move the fire extinguisher so you can access it easily from the exit side of the garage, like on the opposite wall or to the outer wall in the corner to the left of your torch. Where it is now means you would be moving away from the outside to get it, and possibly be hampered from escape by the car.

Enjoy your space (but make it as safe as possible.)!
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