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Originally Posted by iBlackSunday View Post
So once I picked up the oxygen concentrator, I knew I was just a few things away from actually doing some glass work. I decided to pick up a GTT Lynx because I really liked the way they look and how the Lynx is the center flame for the Phantom. Keeping the price relatively low compared to the Phantom and not make things too complicated from forcing me to use Oxygen Tanks. I figured I could use the 10 LPM Concentrator for the time being until I come into another Oxygen Con that is a good deal and start working my way up. I also bought the fuel regulator, flash back arrestor and the hosing to go with the torch. My father gave me a propane tank and I picked up a new one, now I can either exchange them or refill them, depending on the situation. I have edited my original post to reflect on my recent purchases.

HERE is an album of some photos I took of the 'studio'. (I know you guys are gonna yell at me about my propane tank, it goes as close to the garage door as possible when melting) Can I officially call it that even though it's just my garage? I think I've done enough research and money spending to be able to call it a studio. I'm really liking the torch so far and I've done about 5 hours of messing around making some really small basic implosions to get the hang of it. It's a lot easier than I thought, the hard part is not having the knowledge and experience to be able to spin things at the correct speed or coordination to put dots on a hot piece of glass without SHAKING LIKE CRAZY. Added Hardie Backer for my table top as well as the back wall to mitigate anything fiery happening. Also bought and mounted a fire extinguisher about 8 feet from my work area (As shown in last picture). I really like how my work area is at the front of the garage, so I can back my car in and at an angle and still have room to work. Grabbed a decent stool from my dads house, but I haven't used it much. I find it too hard to work while sitting, maybe I'm just not comfortable enough yet.

I also decided I needed some raw glass and went to work looking for the better deal/shipping on glass + some tools I needed like an L torch marver, paddle, reamer and such. I found that mountain glass had the better shipping, but they were out of 2 of the sizes of glass I needed, so I went with Lampwork Supply. I loved that ABR had free shipping, but their cases weren't on sale and the price was the exact same as Lampwork Supply even without the tools, so I stuck with the better pricing at Lampwork Supply. I guess you never really realize how expensive shipping is until you're shipping a good 130 lbs of glass around the country.
Be careful using the Lynx on a concentrator. Always keep the blue oxy slighlty cracked open at least and realise that this torch was never intended for use with a concentrator so its always on the edge of oxy deprivation which could lead to damage at the torch face. You really should consider moving to compressed tanks since you really will not get the best from this torch unless you do.
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