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Thank you for your replies, it's reassuring as I could easily talk myself out of doing it. My studio is a little summerhouse but I have the following safety precautions:

Propane (6kg cannister) goes outside when I'm working, in when I'm not
Regulator and flashback arrestor on tank
Stainless steel work bench
Concrete board wall covering
Fire extinguisher
Safety glasses
Long cotton sleeves/trousers
Hair back
Leather apron
No food/drink
I don't yet have ventilation set up, in case I am useless at it so I wear quite extensive commercial grade breathing apparatus which I wear when working powdered glass. I will ventilate but need to be sure I will continue before spending any more money.

Apart from that, am I missing anything? Every time I hear the slightest change in tone on the oxygen or torch I must resist the urge to run and dive behind the nearest hedge!

Thank you
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