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You mentioned safety glasses.

Are those the didymium (sp) kind that reduce the yellow flare so you can see what you are doing in the flame?

You will feel more comfortable as you get used to 'doing' it.
Kind of like driving.

You want to give your self time to develop muscle memory so your mind is not constantly tracking every little thing so just play with it for a while without expectations or worry.

Your DH has a vested interest in your well being so trust him to have set it up to be safe for now.
But ask questions even if you fell like you are being a pest. Ask both your DH and us.

There is a search function at the top of every page on the forum as well as one that searches only the subsection you are in (but that one is part of the drop down list under "thread tools".

Be sure to put "quotation marks" at the beginning and ending of multi-word phrases or the search will give you a list of every instance of each individual word before it attempts to list multi-word groups.

You really don't want a list of every comment that has the word -glass- in it or -kiln-.
And you need to add an * to words with 3 letters because the search thingy needs at least 4 characters to work.

Welcome to the addiction.
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