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Just so you know you're not alone

This is part of a Thank You email I sent to Corina Tettinger in 2010, after starting in 2005, where I called her my #1 Enabler. Because her book is really the main way I learned the how-to of lampwork.

She wrote back afterwards to tell me she was still laughing.

'I want to thank you for a frustrating day. No, really. Thanks. I went down to my studio this morning to make a birthday gift for a friend. Absolutely nothing went right. The bead release was too thin; two beads may be plant dish fodder. Every bead I made, once I set the release next to the kiln for an hour while I had lunch and it thickened up, fought me like the dickens. Aaauuggghhhhh! So I gave up on the gift idea and decided to just play with a new technique. Should have known better; must not be the day for me to be working with hot glass. Tried the 'use the scissors to cut the glass and spin it open' thing. Very interesting. Until I tried to cut the second one when it was just a little too cool and it shattered. Into my lap. Where upon I jumped up, whacked my head on the vent hood, saw remnants of bead sizzling on my chair [ok, warnings were made about clothing one should wear - but never did I think about what the blasted chair was covered with! Yech, the smell of melting nylon.], automatically got it off with my scissors, getting melted gunk on them and bashed my head again on the hood.'

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