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Ahhhh yes, I remember it well, the newbie dreadful excitements before every torching time. It will get better.

For the times when you get a piece of shattered glass rod stuck somewhere on you, there are peeps that swear by using live aloe vera plants. Some people use Silvadene cream, I use ice and then Solarcaine spray. Works for me.

Some people have sensitive skin and get face, arms and neck sunburn after torching so they use a high SPF makeup or face lotion to help.

I also use Kevlar sleeves. Luv em.

Warming up helps. Start with just pulling stringers, making twisties and if your muse is with you and playing nice go for it. If not call it a day and try again later.

I do not even try to do any of the crafts I enjoy unless I am feeling it. If I am distracted or not feeling 100% I do not go near the torch. I will choose to do something else. Clean beads, clean up the studio, rearrange glass rods, sketch up some bead ideas or color combinations or just sit and read Lampwork Etc.
Stay safe, have fun and enjoy your new hobby
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