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Default Ideas for alternative electrical kiln power sources?

Hello - This is my first post on this forum and I'm looking for your suggestions.
I live in the interior of Panama', and our electrical power supply tends to have frequent brown-outs and frequent total power interruptions. (Yes, we pay our utility bills.) I'm trying to use my AIM Kiln with electronic controller to anneal my beads, but with these interruptions the kiln shuts off and my beads all end up cracking. We've managed to put the electrical program on the kiln on a battery back up device, but the battery back up won't power the kiln to hold the programmed temperatures.

We have a diesel powered generator to back up the power for the 'frig/'reezer, but the addition of the kiln is too much of a power draw.

Propane is inexpensive/readily available and I'm almost desperate enough to build a new gas kiln, but I'm hopeful you might have an easy solution to recommend. Look forward to hearing your suggestions. Thanks.
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