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on wetcanvas there is a tutorial on how to make a stand. Its a good way to use up those old mandrels that are beyond repair. I cant remeber were it was, but I can try to explain it based on what I remember:

You will need a piece of old mandrel about 1-2 inches long

1. Make a barrel bead. It needs to be a bit on the long side as well as chuncky side to provide enough balance to the display bead.
2. Press it flat but not too thin
3. Warm one side of the bead enough to poke the piece of mandrel wire through. Make sure to poke it in right behind the mandrel your bead is on so it goes all the way to the bottom of the bead.
4. Put it in the kiln to anneal
5. Clean and smooth/file the the mandrel
6. Be as creative as you like with the bead stands. You can even make them become part of the setting...have fun displaying your beads

Hope this makes sense. I know if would have been better if I had just posted the link, but I cant find it now that I am looking for it
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