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Default Not sure where to post: old, refillable cannister and torch head- usable??

As this is both a safety and technical issue more than a heat-related issue, I thought I might ask for help here.
I salvaged this old cannister and torch head from my Grandpa's garage, and thought it might be useful somehow in glass-making as a secondary heat source.
But I looked at it more carefully and see it has a mounting point, which to me looks as if it is meant to be refillable! So I have a bunch of questions:

1. Is there some kind of place that actually does a "fill 'er up" kind of thing directly into an empty cannister? With propane or MAPP-tyoe gas?

2. Given that the torch head simply screws in by hand, if I did manage to fill it, is that at all safe to use, period? (Or is this some ancient discarded way of doing things?)

3. If not okay to use this torch head with this cannister, is there any reason the torch head could not be used just like a hothead? (I am not sure what the difference might be, if any)

4. If usable, would this be identical to a hothead?

Lastly, just out of curiousity, wondering if anyone knows what this might have originally been used for!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
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