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Default Hose Help for Hot Head!

So I have read all three pages of "bulk fuel" threads for a hot head and I still have a question!
I thought I did all my research and was ready to continue with this set up but I hit a wall. I have a 20# BBQ style MAPP gas from the local welding supply. It is actually MAPP brand gas, NOT propane. I asked the welding shop owner for a T grade hose to attach the tank to the torch. He didn't have "T" grade hose. Anyway, to make a looonnngg story, very short... I just called every place I thought might carry a hose, including Glass Crafters, More Hose etc and no one has "T" grade, which is what I thought I read that I needed. So CR Loo has a "mapp rated" hose for $24.00 (12ft) all she could tell me is that it is rated for Mapp gas, no markings on the hose and no grade. Sundance has a bulk hose for the hot head and is $42.00 (12ft) and they told me today that is is NOT ok for Mapp gas only for propane and they do not know what grade it is!

I just want the correct hose !

So, is anyone using bulk MAPP gas and if so where did you purchase the hose???

I'm sooo ready just to go buy a case of 1# Mapp and call it a day!
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