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Interesting challenge. If I was going to tackle it, I would layout stringers in a weave/plaid/grid, and try rolling a hot bead over them. I once watched a bead maker in Asia use a regular candle to shape stringers, then embed those shapes in beads. So, could be that a combo of weaving over a candle's heat (to tack the joins) would get you a strip of usable plaid. Last idea that I have is to heat your encasing rod, flatten it and put stringers of color A on it, then on your base bead, put stringers of color B going the other way on it - but wouldn't be woven tho. Really last idea; dichro comes in a 'kinda weave' pattern. Have you ever seen a bead with plaid deco's? Could be that you could hunt down the artist and ask them how they did it.
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