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Originally Posted by pswrd View Post
it is always good to state in print in every piece what the user is and is not allowed to do with the tutorial. I am not just referring to the copyright of the written words/pictures themselves, but the designs and methods conveyed to the user. It tends to get very muddy in terms of pinning down what is special that need to be protected, but just thinking through that in itself would help set some boundaries which ought to be written down and acknowledged as a condition of sale/use.
I think stating that the tutorial can be used to create beads and those beads can be sold, as well, that the tutorial should not be copied in whole or part is enough said. One should not have to go into detail to explain to others the morality of right and wrong. Are there people out there who don't give a flying? Obviously but then they can live with the flying that comes their way.

I know a lampwork artist who makes some beads similar to mine or mine similar to hers. We discussed it and laughed about it and not sure of who copied who? So . . . I would never make a tutorial using that design because, for the life of me I don't know if I was inspired by her beads or her by mine. Neither of us knows. So to be morally sound in my own heart, I would never create a tutorial using that design. Simply because I don't know. However I don't feel it's wrong to make similar beads and sell them. But I would try and stay away from making beads looking too similar to hers.

And then, lets take for example hypothetically Kerri Fuhrs dragon fly tutorial. I don't think she cares whether I made a bead that looked like or was similar to her dragon fly bead and sold it, especially if I bought her tutorial, that's why she created the tutorial! I don't think she would care if I used the techniques in her tutorial and created/designed say.......a turtle bead using those techniques.

But I don't need her to state in detailed description in her tutorial at any point that she would prefer that I don't use the specific techniques to create a turtle tutorial for example then turn around and sell it. I don't need her to state that she prefer I don't copy the look/design or her dragon fly (even if I use my own technique) but copy her look/design, then turn around and create a tutorial and sell it. I don't need her to specify she prefer I don't teach her techniques in a workshop to other artists. I DON'T NEED HER TO STATE THAT! and WHY? because I KNOW it's wrong. I KNOW it wouldn't be fair to her, because I have MORALS! I don't need to read a FU*KING copyright law! I don't need her to be specific!

So, lets say I am completely new to lampworking, I happen upon a technique from playing with beads. I've never seen another bead like it. Maybe there are some out there but I've never seen one because I'm completely new to lampworking. I've never even bought a tutorial or seen a video on it. I get a lot of people asking me how I did it. So I write a tutorial. If someone said to me, that bead or technique looks like so and so's bead and she's been making those beads for eon's. I would pull the tutorial immediately.

Personally I wouldn't want anyone to think I copied another artist. Regardless of whether that artist never ever wrote a tutorial on her/his technique or ever taught a class.

But if no one ever told me that I'm copying and I'm new to lampworking how would I know.

But if I've been around forever, I've bought tutorials I've seen many designs of beads or maybe even haven't bought a tutorial but have a good idea how they created that technique. I don't need anyone to tell me that I shouldn't use that technique and part of that tutorial to create a new tutorial. I just don't.

Another example: Sherry Bellemy's beads. Can't remember the name of it, but the one with the little floral implosion on the side. If I bought the tutorial, (which I have) and learned how she made the little flower implosion on the side and incorporated it into her bead design. I would not take that one "part" of her whole beads design and use that technique in my own design and then write a tutorial on it. That would be wrong. Could I make the bead with my own design with her technique and sell it? Definitely! That's the idea of her writing the tutorial! To take the techniques she's come up with and how she's created it into her bead design and use it in your OWN bead design! But DON'T write a tutorial on it because you're sharing her technique! Part of her tutorial! It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. I don't need her to be specific and go into detail and state that on her tutorial. COME ON! I'm not STUPID!

But obviously some people are, some people don't care, some people have no morals, some people are greedy!

How many friggen petal bead tutorials have you seen out there? Just because you change the color, change the shape, maybe add a flower on the outside or whatever doesn't make it not copying. You're copying part of a tutorial that someone else already wrote a tutorial on or taught in a workshop. You're copying for FU*K sake! Why do people think it's okay?

Don't get fu*king anal on me and start talking about basic techniques like making a bead round or adding a basic dot! Give me a friggen break! I could go on and on, blah blah blah!

People know what is considered copying a technique and if you don't or are not sure then bloody well ask!

You can take your creative commons and blah blah blah garbage and shove it as far as I'm concerned. There is a lot to be said for morals. Morals! anyone ever heard of that!

Does anyone own the implosion technique? Can anyone say they own putting a stripe or dot on a bead? Can anyone say they own using a bead press? Can anyone say they own the copyright to layering or encasing? Can anyone say they own the copyright technique of putting a hole in a bead, or cutting into a bead or poking a bead? NO! It's all about the process an artist takes using those basic tools and how an artist creates and incorporates them into a bead that makes it their own new/unique technique or design. How is that hard to comprehend?

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