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In my mind, if its contaminated and you've filtered it, added brightener, and distilled water then perhaps you just need to get rid of it. Here are some other ideas - check your anode (is it thick enough) and clean the wire your items are hanging from. If it remains above the solution like mine, it can get corroded. I always clean them with a brass brush before hanging my items. I also clean where my contacts are so that they are connecting good. I have added distilled water and the brightener but if the solution really drops, then I add more of the solution.

I know you said you have the salmony outcome but does it crumble? What happens if you take a brass brush to it? Mine comes out a pinkish color but shines up to a brilliant shine. If it's crumbling, then I would also suspect your paint. Is it old? Who from? I recently purchased two jars from Rio and they are trash. I'm trying to get a refund. I have had wonderful success from the jar I purchased from Safer Solutions.

Let me know - hope this helps.
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