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Default Bombay sapphire gin bottle

Hi. This is my first post in this group. I haven't even got my torch just yet. It's arriving in a couple days. A second hand minor. Recycling and up-cycling has Ben a life long endeavor. Some may say I am a cheap bastard. But I know it's a good thing to do not to buy and toss. I'm so excited to notice that my glass worker intuition is already working. I want tho make my first attempts at beads with bottles. And guess what. Today I bought for a buck aN empty bottle of Bombay sapphire gin at a cheap flea market I go to. One of the most mentioned bottles in this thread. I ll post what I make with it, well, once I do something like a bead. Thanks to Robin for the nice list. I also got a black glass bottle of some perfume I hope will also work. This possibility opens an enormous field of research for me. Experimenting with glass has been for decades in my to do list. And finally I'm getting there. Thanks to all those who share their knowledge.
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