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I am planning to stay at Mi Casita Guesthouse if I can connect with the owner again. It is about 1.2 miles from EGS, so walking distance if desired. Sounds like it is something like a youth hostel, but without the youth. There are private rooms for $35/night, semi-private for $30 (bunk beds), a dorm with 4 beds for $30 per bed (for 2 nights than goes down to $25/bed) or $100 to rent the whole dorm. Shared bathrooms, kitchen facilities, off-street parking. It won't be luxury but should be relatively comfortable. Rooms are small. Owner sounds nice and there is onsite staff. No curfew but no loud noise allowed late at night. I plan/hope to rent a semi-private room and will claim the bottom bunk. If someone wants to share my room, I'll share. Another nice thing is that there are no cleaning or security deposits--you just prepay for what you want. I went to GS for the first time last year and was at the event from 9am to 9 or 10 pm with a small break for lunch and dinner, so having a really nice room isn't my priority. That said, thank you to everyone who gave links to other house options--looks like there are some nice ones out there.
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