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It looks like a standard plumbers torch to me.

I do not think you will find anyone willing to refill it though.

They have replacement canisters in various types of gas.

Blue like that is propane I think but there are other types of gas like Chemtane, Map Gas and some other mixtures that will be determined by your local laws and regulations.

Take it with you to a local hardware store or even some of the big box hardware stores and you should be able to get someone to give you a short course on what is used where you live.

That does look like a classic old style hot head to me.

I understand that there are some maintenance things that can be done with some versions of those type of torch heads but I don't know if its the new ones that can have parts replaced or if it is the old versions that can have parts replaced.

I think there is a thread or two about them around here some place.
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