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Default Passing the Flame~>

Ok. So I'm looking for Corina Tettinger's book, "Passing the Flame". All I'm finding are used and in the price range of $75 to >$200!!!

I saw a few new ones, but am unsure what edition they are (and actually confused about whether there are multiple editions)

Went to Corina's website and it said the new edition was available! When I click on her "buy books" link, all I see are updates for the spiral bound version, which I believe is an older version...possibly.

Which brings me another point of confusion....there are spiral bound books and's not clear if the spiral is being called hard-cover at sites where I have found it.

It's a really great book and I'd like to get my hands on it....if I can get all this straightened out.

Hopefully, she frequents this site and might slip an autographed copy in the mail for me as a Random Act of Glass Kindness *hint* *hint*

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