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Is it me, and am I having a "senior moment"?

I could have sworn that the book was for sale at for $45.00.

But now that I went back to purchase it, it is selling for $54.00.

Am I showing the first signs of "seniormomentus disllexious"?!

Darn, there goes an extra $10.00.

Boy...this lampworking stuff is a money pit I tell ya...a money pit!!

In Christ: Raymond

PS: I ended-up purchasing it from for $56.95, shipped to my door. Don't know if it's the 2nd or 3rd edition...but who cares. The price was right, and I'm sure both me-n-DWP will learn from it. Thanks for bringing up this thread, as it reminded me of this book again, which I told myself to purchase for DWP a while back.

DWP doesn't frequent the forums much (unless she's behind me while I'm typing, or she's looking at tutorials), so it'll be my surprise to her.

Kudos on a cool "reminder" thread!

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