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Default Glass Has No Memory & Believe The Videos

Originally Posted by likes to make glass stuff View Post

I don't think glass can be confused.
I thought I would pass on something simple I was told

"Glass has no memory"

You can work it and then rework it without worry... it holds no memory. For some reason that freed me to do things I might have hesitated on doing with glass in the flame.

The OTHER hard thing I have had to do is BELIEVE the Devardi videos!

For some reason (impatience & stubbornness) I struggle with doing what they say so clearly - introducing and waving the rod at the END of the flame, and then WAITING for it change color before bringing it forward a bit, and THEN slowly allowing it to come to a glow on the end before bringing it forward to finish the melting to use it!

The great price and neat colors and stiffness you get to work with are worth it!