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Originally Posted by Nanette Marie View Post
I usually stop beadmaking by 6-7 pm so I'm still up when it gets down to 500 so I can just turn it off before I go to bed. I mainly do that cause the program makes it beep a whole bunch of times to signal the end of the ramp schedule and it's a really loud beep and wakes me up. If necessary I can go to bed with it still running because I have a smoke detector, carbon monoxide dectector and a fire extinguisher in my studio so if something happened, I'd be alerted right away.

I would never, ever leave the house with the kiln, dryer, washing machine or anything else on. I'm a nervous nellie, I even unplug my hair dryer and put it away to make sure I don't leave it plugged in.
I have a quick question, is it ok to turn the kiln off while it's ramping down? I won't go to bed with it on so I've turned it off in the process of cooling but I'm not sure if it'll damage the kiln or controller eventually. Does anyone know?

Thanks. Nancy
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