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Pics? First reaction is if it was approved for body work then it should work for glass. That said you should try to get some more info on the fan if you can. Make and model would help. As far as not working right under it is concerned, that's not a problem. just build a plywood box around the inlet side of the fan and duct it down to your hood. A simple round hole cut in the plywood say 12 inches in diameter, with a 14 inch diameter disk of plywood could be used as a damper to adjust the amount of air flow. Bolt the disk centered over the hole with only one bolt. That way the disk can be turned to open or close off the hole. I would not try to run a large 36in fan boxed down to say an 8 in duct. That would have enough draft to seriously distort your torch flame. Can it work? yes depending on the fan size and motor.
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