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Well, I can't find PG1 specific info, but PG2 at 18 in has 1540 CFM and PG3 has 1600. I'm guessing GM20 is Gable mount 20in. So if you figure on at least 1300CFM you should be fine. You can build a box around the fan and run duct work to it. You may have to make some type of damper to adjust the air flow, but that should be easy. Static pressure will depend on what is on the other side of the fan. There could be an automatic shutter or fixed louvers. Automatic would be better since they open wider, resulting in less static pressure. The best would be motorised, since they do not use pressure to hold them open. Remember that you want round pipe and stay away for the flexible stuff, it messes up the laminar air flow. You could hinge the end of the box away from the fan so you can take a pipe/pole and open the box up to vent the garage while not at the torch.

Now that you have some idea about the CFM of the fan, you can check out:

This one has a lot of ventilation answers:

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