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Think about the things we know about sheet glass Gabi.

If it is regular glass and you drop something hard on it it will most likely crack, chip or break.

If it is tempered glass like for a shower area, the edges of it are especially prone to any hard contact causing it to shatter. Also if you drop hot molten glass on the surface it will most likely heat shock and then shatter.

I don't mean to rain on your idea but I think you will have to save the sheet glass for you writing desk.

They do make some very large tile these days and a two foot by three foot tile could look cool but I am thinking they are going to be a bit spendy.

I found three slabs of pool table slate from Craig's list for free and I like the dark unreflective background it has for finding my way around the flame.

If you have your heart set on a gorgeous work surface you could go granite or marble but again we are talking a sizable chunk of change.
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