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Default Stupid Newbie Mistakes for Laughs

I haven't see a thread like this anywhere and thought it might be fun to "admit to" some of the silly biginner mistakes being made.

Okay everyone, fess up.

I just spent the last week using silver pink thinking it was ivory. I couldn't figure out why some of my beads were looking vaguely metallic or why I kept seeing a hint of pink in the base! (I usually work at night because of heat issues so the lighting isn't the best.)

I wish someone had been video taping last night when I tried to put my first dots on a bead. HELP! How do you do it without ending up with stringers when the rod is pulled away. My son was getting hysterical watching me struggle with this. The long strings would double back on the bead and attach in a different spot. The stringer hanging off the rod would curl up in the flame and I'd have this long dangling "snot" drip to deal with. What am I doing wrong?!!

I'll try to get some pics up of my goofs later. And go ahead and move this post if there is a more appropriate place for it.

Come on everyone - join in.

LL Designs
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