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I have been away from the torch for awhile and have been thinking about a bench shield too. I have the problem of prescription lenses then I wear didys over that and sometimes put on my Optivisor for detailed work. I think that is one reason I quit torching. It was just too uncomfortable with all that on my face and head. I don't want to do prescription didys due to my RX changing frequently. I have also ordered some boro so will need shade 3 protection also.
I bought a shade 3 glass sheet and was thinking of either buying the poly ace 202 sheet and rigging up something myself or buying the cheapest ace 202 shield on a 25" arm I can find and then attaching the shade three when I need it. I thought of trying the Devardi shield but wasn't sure if it is big enough.
Kristen, Does your friend think it is big enough? Does it show much distortion? Is it made of glass?
Eileen, Where did you get the one that is too dark? Do you know what brand it is?
Thanks to everyone that has posted. I think I just need to make a decision and jump.

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