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Originally Posted by KEW View Post
It's too bad, the beige is very elegant in that house, gives you plenty of room to shine.
Oh, but I'm pretty much the complete opposite of elegant.

This will be the first time I'll be in a space that I *can* paint - growing up, my folks had different opinions on themes/color schemes than me; and since then (first at school, then in rented apartments) I've been surrounded by beige walls that I couldn't paint. There will be *color* (deep, dark, saturated colors!) in my house.


Sometimes it help to live in a space to choose your colors.
Suppose... But I've got room pics and photoshop. Also, I'd rather get all the painting done *before* all the boxes arrive and I start in with the furniture - easier to design a rest-of-the-room once the colors/floor are set (at least for me), and this way I won't have to worry about moving everything around eleventy-million times.
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