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My only class was my first introduction consisting of a hot head torch with a half dozen others and may be two dozen glass rods to chose from and five predipped mandrels and plumbers wool for cooling

That was enough to get me hooked back around 2006.

From then on it was the book Passing The Flame, you tube videos and Corning Museum of Glass you tube videos into the wee hours of the night for years.

I bought a years worth of access to Bulseye Glass's learner video library for $40 and even though it was centered on fusing 90/94 coe glass I learned a ton abut how to handle, treat and what to expect from my addiction of choice "104 coe soft glass".

I bought entirely too much Devardi because it was very cheap and it behaved very squirrely as I was told to expect but I used it to let my body and mind figure out how to do the repetitive motions until they were second nature without wasting a crap ton of money on what I will call the more expensive glasses.

My only advice would be to begin by "playing".

There is no one "right way" of doing things.
There are only things that you have not learned to do yet.

Welcome to the addiction.
We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of each other.

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